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Large-scale residential property capital projects are complex. Solstice Residential Group offers total project management and coordination for all capital improvement and construction projects in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

How Solstice
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We will work with your retained professionals to prepare specifications, establish a bidders list and create spreadsheets to help in determining how to award the project and to whom. All bidding overseen by us is conducted according to a sealed bidding procedure, which guarantees the integrity of all bids solicited and received.

We do everything possible to ensure the highest quality workmanship while monitoring and keeping any additional work in check and under control. Our services include pre-job phasing, owner/resident coordination, and site inspection. Weekly inspections and job meetings are held to review and report on schedule conformance, specifications compliance, and job site safety and housekeeping, while we prepare and provide written reports, as well as notification of schedule changes or plan deviations.

Upon completion of the specified work, we ensure that sign-offs from all professionals and governmental agencies are received, that the job site is left in a clean and professional manner, that all guarantees and warranties are obtained, and that all inspections and approvals are on record. We prepare and provide a final project closeout book to the authorized property decision-maker, acting as owner’s representative for the Board.

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